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We all know the feeling of a bad hangover after a night of drinking, but do you also notice that your face tells the tale of your previous night? Do you have a gluten intolerance that you sometimes ignore, which can wreak havoc on both your digestive system and your skin? Ever think that cookie could be wreaking havoc on more than just your hips? Read on to find out how fast some of the things we eat affect our appearance and our skin’s health.

How fast does your skin show the signs of indulgence?

Alcohol immediately contributes to dehydration. The morning after a night of drinking the dehydration will cause your skin to look less plump and fresh.

Within 2 Hours
If you have a gluten sensitivity, your face will appear puffy within two hours due to the body’s inflammatory response. Gluten can also contribute to flare ups of skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne.

6-8 Hours
If you love dessert, be warned. Consuming sweets spikes your blood sugar. When this happens, your body responds by producing more insulin, which contributes to oily skin and clogged skin follicles. Keeping your blood sugar steady will help improve the condition of your skin.

12 Hours
There is a strong correlation between consuming dairy and breakouts, acne, and aging skin. This is mostly due to the hormones found in most dairy products. Most milk comes from pregnant cows, leading to milk containing hormones like progesterone and insulin growth factors. When you consume this milk it can lead to increased levels inflammation, aging, acne and skin breakdown.


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