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One glance at your bathroom counter and you’ll likely notice a number of different skin care products. From cleansers to toners and moisturizers and creams specifically designed for the face, and this is just morning use. Can’t forget your sunscreen. Have you been to get a facial lately? It all adds up, but how much $$ are you waisting by only applying these products to a whopping 5% of your skin? What about the other 95% of your largest organ?

For decades we have spent 95% of our skincare budget on just 5% of our skin. Our family here at Kayo believes it is time to rethink your skin care routine and total body health. It all starts in the buff.

Why is all-over healthy skin important? Your skin is your body’s suit of armor. It comes into contact with the rest of the world and your environment so keeping it healthy is crucial to staying hydrated, regulating body temperature, keeping harmful microbes out of your body, and having properly functioning nerve endings to let you know where you are and what you should or shouldn’t come into contact with. In addition, putting your daily skincare “armor” on your face only is like walking into battle (with all the environmental pollutants that age you) stark naked with only a face shield to protect you. Good luck! We would rather have hefty protection on our entire body, to ward off the attacks on our total body health and beauty. Your cellular makeup doesn’t know the difference between your face and body - they are the same. So why haven’t you been nurturing 100% of your skin to protect against long-term aging? 

To be honest, it’s not all your fault. They industry has never touched on this subject and Kayo is the first to think about total body wellness and treat aging on your entire physique! The complete Kayo line consists of layering highly penetrating serums, topical nutrient boosts and luxurious body crèmes developed as a union to strengthen the skin’s ability to recover and protect from the aging process. Every product can be used individually, or as a complete program for all your skin care needs. Restore your skin to its former radiance, elasticity, and firmness, start practicing whole body health with Kayo’s innovative line.


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