We exist to empower a healthy body through healthy skin, and not just the 5% from forehead to chin. We're talking about the entire body. Why? Because you and your body simply deserve better.


In 2015 two besties decided to start a "wholistic" skin care movement where equal love for the face and body would finally become a reality. With a zillion premium products for the face out there, it was becoming kind of ridiculous that there weren't the same skin care options for the body

In fact, your skin is your largest organ, with the skin on your body making up 95% of it. What? 95%! Yes, and it absorbs most everything you put on it, so what you put on it really does matter.

So, it was time to begin a new and improved body of work - Co-founders Christine Bullock (renowned health, beauty and wellness expert, and mommy) and Carrington Snyder (health-loving beauty insider, born into a family that owns cosmetic companies and lab, and former toxic exposure attorney) created Kayo - the botanically active skin care line for the beautifully active body.


Face Grade Body Care®

Full body health does not stop at your chin, why should your skincare? Kayo's Face Grade Collection is body care that's pure and effective enough for your face, yet specifically formulated for your body. One thing this means is that you can expect the same concentration of many effective ingredients in Kayo that you would find in face care products.


Kayo not only believes in effective formulas, but also believes in clean formulas without all the fillers typically found in body products (Check out our Ingredient Philosophy below for more info). We also believe clean means ethical, and our products are cruelty free.


Kayo is body care dedicated - We aren't yet another face care brand that puts out a body care product here and there as an afterthought. We are all about the body, and truly specialize in the skin on our bodies (because let's face it, the skin on your body is different than the skin on your face - and needs skin specific formulas). We pride ourselves in leading the body care movement with innovative formulas that we painstakingly and meticulously developed (but are totally worth it).

4 Step Formulating

Skincare formulating is complicated, but we created a 4-step checklist to help our consumers understand what goes into every Kayo formula:

  • Select the ingredients we love and exclude the ingredients on our "Out list"
  • Source our ingredients from reputable suppliers (quality is just as important as quantity!)
  • Include key ingredients at impactful levels
  • Formulate in small batches in a family owned and run lab in the USA


Kayo strives to get safer products into the hands of everybody. Navigating the cosmetic ingredient world can be downright confusing. It seems that daily there is a new wave of what is good and what is bad. Cosmetic formulating is a complex process that must take into account safety, sustainability and feasibility, especially when it is going on your largest organ.

Did you know...

The United States has not passed a major federal law to regulate the safety of personal care ingredients since 1938.

Did you know...

The United States has only banned 30 ingredients in personal care product formulas, whereas the European Union has banned over 1,300 in the past two decades.

So what to do?

Despite being sold in the United States, Kayo respects the research and time taken by the European Union and does not include over 1,300 ingredients banned by the European Union. If it's not safe for a woman living in Europe, why would it be safe for you? We also do not include other questionable ingredients like parabens or sulfates, despite them being legal.

We strive to continue to research ingredients and evolve with science. We take pride in our products and hope you love them as much as we do.